About Us



My name is Max Course - and I am the founder of Golden Times. 



Golden Times Metal Plating company has given me the opportunity of doing something that I get immense pleasure and satisfaction from and I am fully capable of doing. The work I carry out can be either routine simple tasks up to more intricate pieces - but all are treated with the same care and attention to detail.


I am extremely methodical in whatever I do and take great pride in creating something unique and perfect every time. Every customer is important to me, from a simple metal key ring plated with luxurious 24k Gold to a large item which may be a long standing family piece that has lost its 'lustre' and looks tired.


In the weeks, months and years ahead I hope we have the opportunity to carry out some of this rather unique work on your behalf, whether it's something for yourself as a rare treat, or as a SPECIAL gift, for a VERY SPECIAL person, on a VERY SPECIAL occasion


There are very few new businesses that could ever offer you such a personal and unique service and I look forward to hearing from you with your own exciting ideas of what I could create for you or a loved one



Max Course  - e mail me for more info



Welcome to the magical world of Gold & Precious Metal Plating!


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